( Excel Work With Calculations )

Change over home loan picture document records to exceed expectations document to transfer into the arrangement of end customer utilizing some essential given numerical recipes. High payout process. This is Mortgage Process, figurings must be done to fill the records in exceed expectations sheet.

  • Information: Image (Jpeg/Tiff)
  • Output:Excel
  • Work Load: 46000 structures
  • Pivot Time: 10 days
  • Payout: INR 42 for each frame
  • You can complete 2 or 3 move a day. For most ideal way, you should run least 2 shifts.
  • No of passages: 10 for every record
  • Venture Duration: 11 months
  • Preparing, License, Online and Offline Support, Customer Care Support might be given by us.
  • For Demo record, email us or call us for quick reaction.